Breast Reconstruction Surgery Information

Breast reconstruction is a procedure to help you if you are facing the loss of a breast due to cancer or other diseases. Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure to recreate the contour of your breast, using either a prosthesis or your own tissues. Great strides have been made in this field in recent years, resulting in more aesthetic shape and appearance. It is important for you to realize that your results will not look or feel exactly like your natural breast. While it is not for everyone, many women who have undergone breast reconstruction experience a faster and more complete emotional recovery from the loss of their breast.

Breast reconstruction procedures that are available to you depend on your medical situation, your shape and size, your general health and lifestyle, and your goals. Every woman's situation is unique, and can only be determined through the help of a competent and qualified plastic surgeon. specializes in assisting you with this difficult process of finding the right surgeon for you. Simply fill out the form on the right, and your contact information will be routed to surgeons in your area who will contact you to answer your questions and to schedule a consultation.

Breast reconstruction information and the commonly used procedures can be found by following the Additional Resources links to the left. If you are considering this procedure, your plastic surgeon can provide you with more information that fully explains the risks and complications associated with breast implants, tissue flaps, and with surgery itself. It is recommended that you read all of the information provided before scheduling surgery so that you have plenty of time to ask questions and evaluate all of your options for Breast Reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction Procedures

Breast reconstruction surgery comes in two important forms: Skin expansion surgery and flap reconstruction. Skin expansion surgery is the most common technique. In this technique, your surgeon will insert a small balloon-like implant which is gradually filled with more saline solution. Several visits are required to gradually fill the implant to larger sizes in order to stretch the skin over a period of several months. Once the skin has been stretched, a more permanent type of implant may be inserted, and reconstructive surgery is performed on the nipples to rebuild them.

Breast reconstruction can also be performed through flap reconstruction. This procedure is generally more complicated and results in more scarring on more locations. This procedure uses skin and muscle tissues taken from other parts of the patient's body and moved to the breast area to create a pocket for an implant or enough material to substitute for the implant. The advantage of this procedure is that it can create a more natural looking breast without the concerns of an implant, as the breast can be reconstructed with your own tissues.


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